“Mixing Oil and Water” to Screen in Serbia!

I’m very pleased to announce that “Mixing Oil and Water” has been selected to screen at the Srem International Film Festival in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia. The film may also play in Croatia. Europe will be the third continent that “Mixing Oil and Water” has screened, showing how water quality issues associated with oil and gas […]

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Crafting a Great Brand Video from Stock Footage

I’ve been shooting stock footage for years. Not only does it bring in a few dollars, it comes in handy on a lot of my projects. A field of grain that I happened to film last year became the “iconic” image of Montana agriculture without me having to schedule an extra shoot (and, consequently, charge […]

2016 Demo Reel

It’s my pleasure to release my 2016 Demo Reel. Editing this demo reel reminded me of just how many amazing projects I’ve worked on, from editing a commercial video for a company that engages kids in science to filming a series of short documentaries about how coal mining jeopardizes our food security and health. I’ve […]

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Bentley ad shows great video editing

This Bentley Ad Demonstrates That Editing is What Makes a Video Great

  In the business of video production, conversations often turn to cameras and equipment. This Bentley ad always comes to mind when people are talking about color-depth or graphics cards. Bentley, manufacturer of mega-expensive luxury cars, decided to film its 2014 branding video on the new-at-the-time iPhone 5s. If you look closely, you can see the lack […]

“Saving the Stockman” Wins People’s Choice at Magic City Shorts Film Fest!

I can’t express how honored I am that “Saving the Stockman” was voted People’s Choice winner of the Magic City Shorts Film Festival! As every year, there were some really good films on hand, including a sinister film by Trevor Styles, and “Turn About”, a film that I did the sound on. I think what set […]

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