Arts Without Boundaries PSA

Because of the type of work that I do, I rarely get the chance to do 30-second commercial spots. I got just such an opportunity when Arts Without Boundaries asked me to do a public service announcement to run on one of the local TV stations. Telling the story of an organization doing so many great things in […]

Broadwater Elementary student writes poetry during one of the Arts Without Boundaries poetry lessons.

Someplace in Nevada - I'd never been on this highway before. It's some huge country.

‘Gramming the 2015 Wild and Scenic Film Fest

In January, I made a pilgrimage to Nevada City, California, to the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. I say pilgrimage because it was like visiting a holy city where the practiced religion is a blend of art and caring for the Earth. It was amazing. The films were phenomenal, but the real treat of this […]

“Mixing Oil and Water” Featured on The Montana Experience

Mixing Oil and Water was the opening film for Season 4 of The Montana Experience YouTube channel. It’s really an honor to be featured with so many other great Montana-oriented films. Here’s the description of the channel: Montana is not just a place on a map, it’s a state of mind. The wide-open spaces of […]


Billings Open Studio

Life’s Fast has moved!

Life’s Fast Productions has moved to an incredible location: Billings Open Studio.   I’m currently typing this post in my new office in the heart of downtown Billings. Life’s Fast is now located within Billings Open Studio, on the third floor of the Kress building at 2814 2nd Ave. N.     If you’ve never been to […]

Two Film Fests in Two Weeks

After such an awesome premiere of “Mixing Oil and Water” at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, it’s hard to believe that anything could top it. I’m hoping, though, that having the film on the big screen again at the Magic City Shorts Film Festival will be an event to remember. Magic City Shorts is […]

Film Festival, Babcock theater