Branded Content

In a world where we are surrounded by a constant flood of information, trust is hard to come by. The authentic storytelling found in branded content is a great way to build that trust, and differentiate your brand from the rest.

video production in billings, montanaBranded content features an experience your prospective customer can connect to. For a grassroots organization, it may be a film featuring people affected by an issue that the organization is trying to highlight, or the feeling of connectedness standing up for an issue together. For a brand, the video usually centers on an experience associated with the product that the product makes possible, or the product makes better. For example, a hospital may choose to feature a marathon runner training for her big race. Even if her disease is never discussed, the viewer knows that her adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent treatment she received from the hospital. Her story will stick with viewers much longer than a traditional commercial.