Photographing Well-Strung for Arts Without Boundaries

I had a great time photographing Well-Strung for Arts Without Boundaries as they gave concerts at the local high schools, as well as a public concert at the Alberta Bair Theater.

well-strung, music, quartet, musicians, arts without boundaries
String quartet Well-Strung playing for hundreds of middle school kids.

Well-Strung is a New York-based string quartet that mashes up classical music with pop songs to create “pop-ssicals”. The music style, as well as the band’s genuine passion and friendliness really engaged students with their art. Unlike many musicians who go into a school, play a few songs and answer a couple questions, then leave, the guys spent a large chunk of time really talking to students about their relationship with music. I think that it was as much the group’s interaction with the kids as their exceptional music that earned them a standing ovation from the Central High student body.

It’s something special to see a program that really touches hundreds of kids the way Arts Without Boundaries concerts do. Here are a few photos of the charismatic musicians playing for the kids.

well-strung, billings, montana, documentary photography
Well-Strung holding the attention of seven hundred middle school students.

well-strung, billings, montana, documentary photography


well-strung, music, musicians, schools, billings, montana, documentary photography
Well-Strung playing at the Alberta Bair Theater the next night. Many of the seats were filled with music students from around Montana attending the state music conference.

well-strung, music, musicians, schools, documentary

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