Life’s Fast’s mission is centered on telling your organization’s stories. In addition to video and photography, I also offer consulting services to help your organization figure out how to get the most impact from your media campaigns as well as training when your organization is ready to create its own content. Below is a basic rundown of the services I provide.

Video Production

Video is one of the most impactful ways to get your message across. Video not only tells, but shows. It has the power to fully immerse your audience into the story you’re trying to tell, creating outstanding engagement. In 2014, nonprofit videos were viewed 670 million times, and that number has gone up every year. YouTube, alone, reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the US.

Many organizations have found that video creates an excellent connection to donors, fundraisers, and grant committees through emotion. Seeing your organization’s passion and impact can move someone to support your mission or causes. Life’s Fast specializes in establishing and growing the connection with your audience that is critical to your organization’s success.


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One thing that most organizations don’t have enough of is photography. In today’s image-driven media and social media landscape, not-for-profits need a constant flow of fresh, high-quality photos to tell their stories. Your field organizers and board members are great at talking to people about your mission, but their phone pictures may leave you a little wanting for images that generate impact. I have over two decades of experience in commercial, journalistic, and nonprofit photography. Whatever your message is, I can capture images to help you tell it.

Consulting and Training

I often talk to organizations that know they need to do more video, but they aren’t sure what they need, or how to use it. This is a really common problem. Video in the nonprofit world works differently than it does in the commercial world. Because budgets are tight, organizations need to make sure they tell the right stories the first time, whether it’s to educate the world on an issue, energize their donors to do more, or simply say thank you for much-needed support.

Throughout my time as a filmmaker, I have researched best practices in getting the most impact out of video projects. I can train your media team to understand how video creates social awareness, calls to action, and generates membership. I can also help them use that knowledge to choose what type of video will fit best into a certain campaign, or craft a video campaign around the organizations particular needs. I also offer training in videography and editing when organizations decide they need to make their videos in-house.

Call me and we can discuss your specific needs and how I can help address them.